3 Possible Ways To Increase Penis Size

3 Possible Ways To Increase Penis Size

How To Increase Penis Size?

The Impact of Penis Size on Health and Life

Genital health is just as important as any other muscle in our body, and has a major influence on the overall well being of men’s self image.

Problems with the penis are highly common, and can occur in men of all ages. Lumps, rashes, erectile dysfunction (ED), inflammation and excessive erections can all be damaging to the penile which can, in turn, affect the male’s self confidence level.

Some of these problems can affect the male self image so severely that they may avoid sexual contact out of self consciousness.

This is psychologically, emotionally and physically unhealthy for men of all ages.

Because of the self consciousness associated with several penis disorders such as erectile dysfunction, men may not discuss the problems they are experiencing with their doctors.

Impact of Penis Size on Health and Life

Men tend to equate the size and health of their penis to their own masculinity and self worth, creating problems if their size does not match up to their own expectations of what the “normal” size should be.

Part of the problem is inaccurate comparison. Since most men do not have a basis for comparison other than films and photos from the adult industry, they may not have an accurate and realistic ideal of what the average penis size is.

A recent study at La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society 1 revealed that 86% of the men tested were unhappy with their penis size. This study proves the correlation between men’s self image and their penis size.

Four out of five of the men studied reported that they were not satisfied with their genitals, whereas another 43% stated that they had considered undergoing an operation to increase their size.

When dealing with these kinds of issues it is important to understand what an impact a tiny penis can have on men’s physical, psychological and emotional health.

Tips to Improve Penis Health

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet can help improve blood circulation to the organ, and reduce the amount of fatty deposit buildups that can clog the penile arteries. Avoiding animal fats and excessive sugars can also help with blood flow, lower the risk of heart disease, and avoid sexual dysfunctions that are related to other health issues.

Quit Smoking

Smoking ImpotenceSmoking cigarettes can also result in poor blood flow, and cause a build of arterial plaque in important vessels and arteries.

The chances of erectile dysfunction, impotence, and reduced penile size are highly increased with extended smoking habits.

Add Multivitamins to Your Diet

Including a multivitamin into your daily regimen can help reduce the risks of potential sexual dysfunctions.

Vitamin E in particular has shown potential for preventing some problems such as penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease.

Wild yam, ginseng, dong quai, hydrangea root, and saw palmetto are just a few of the herbs that have been used to treat sexual impotence.

Consult your doctor before beginning any herbal treatments.


Regular physical activity is also vital for good health overall, not to mention penile health. Thirty minutes of exercise a day improves blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name only a few, that are major risk factors for male impotency.

Any physical activity that increase the heart rate and which is performed correctly can be counted as regular exercise.

Having regular erections and ejaculations can also help with blood flow within the penis as well as self confidence. By maintain a healthy sex life with your partner, your confidence will be greatly increased and your lower your risk of other penile issues.

Does Your Penis Size Satisfy Her

Okay, let’s start by getting the issue out in the open. Every guy worries about the size of his penis at some time in his life.

Is it too small, too thin, too short, or just plain different?

Now that we all know the issue we’re discussing here is penis size, we can discuss it more comfortably.

Did you know that so many men worry about the size of their penises that there is actually a term to describe the worry. It is called penile dysmorphophobia. So, while you may feel all alone in your worries and feel unable to discuss them with anyone else, it may help a little to know that most men go through the same concerns you are experiencing right now.

While you may be wondering if your penis is too small and how it compares to the average size out there, why don’t we talk about the individual benefits of every size penis?

The Ecstasy a Small Penis Can Bring

Let’s suppose you are right and you do have a small penis. Why does this have to be a bad thing? Let me tell you a little known secret.

You’ve heard about a woman’s G-spot 2  right? It’s that spot that drives a woman wild in the bedroom but is sometimes so difficult to find. Did you know that a smaller penis is most likely to hit that perfect spot during sex?

Does Your Penis Size Satisfy Her

Think about that for a moment. You actually have the best chance of giving her pleasure like she may never have experienced before.

The reason your penis is most likely to send her spiralling over the edge of climactic ecstasy is because the G-spot is located about 2-3 inches in from her vaginal opening.

Your penis thrusts against this spot over and over again during sex, like no other sized penis can.

The Stimulating Benefits of an Average Sized Penis

Maybe you feel you’re a little more on the average size. Guess what? You have a penis that can pleasure a woman in multiple ways!

The average size penis is perfect for stimulating her clit and her G-spot simultaneously, bringing her to mind-blowing orgasms again and again. To make the experience even hotter, the extra girth of an average sized penis stimulates yet another sensitive hot spot.

As your penis thrusts in and out, it ignites all of the nerve endings around the entrance of her vagina, increasing her pleasure even more.

Feeling a little hot under the collar yet?

So Big It May Not Fit?

Porn stars may make the super-sized penis look enticing, but the truth is a giant penis is more likely to make a woman cringe in anticipated pain than give you that come hither look.

It isn’t just the anxiety about whether or not you’ll “fit”, but worry over the trauma that can be caused during sex.

Think about it for a moment, the two of you are wrapped in the throes of passion, thrusting harder and faster. Well, this can result in a fair amount of bruising, bleeding and even tearing if your penis is extremely large.

Because of this, a woman is far more likely to be uncomfortable about sex if your penis is larger than 8 or 9 inches in length.

Ways To Increase Penis Size

As you can see, there is no single perfect penis size. It is far more important to a woman how you use your penis to bring her pleasure than how large it is. So, are you ready to give up on your quest for the ultimate penis size yet?

I didn’t think so. And if you’re still feeling self conscious about your size, you are going to be less confident in the bedroom and less intent on bringing her to the brink of carnal pleasure.

So, let’s discuss the options that are available to increase penis size you need to make you feel comfortable exhibiting your sexual prowess during playtime.

3 Ways To Increase Penis Size

Let’s start off with the simplest of natural penis enlargement methods and work toward the more complex.

Penis Exercises

If you’re longing to increase penis size then you have likely gone searching for the easiest and most pain-free method of making it happen. So you’ve done a little bit of looking around and you’ve heard a few people touting the wonders of exercise to increase penis size.

If you’re hoping that some exercises are going to bring about the changes in size you’re looking for, you may be rather disappointed.

Most of these exercises will do nothing to enlarge your penis and even if you do experience a tiny bit of growth, the results are likely to be temporary and your organ will return to its original size if you stop exercising.

Exercises To Increase Penis Size

These exercises are designed to encourage increased blood flow to the penis through milking or massaging techniques for about 30 minutes every day.

If you are faithful to the exercise regimen, you can expect to see a temporary increase in penis size of about one inch. However, you must maintain the exercises to maintain the increase in size.

While this may at first seem discouraging, don’t give up hope yet. Read on to find out about real ways to get bigger penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are three common surgical procedures to enlarge the penis.

The suspensory ligament 3 can be severed, adding an inch to the length of your penis; however, your penis will not point upward with an erection.

Another type of surgery is the insertion of inflatable tubes that are controlled by a pump inserted in the testicles.

Skin grafting is the final common type of penis enlargement surgery. Skin is taken from other areas of the body to increase size. However, this type of surgery carries the risk of graft death, which can lead to scars and deformities.

Penis Stretchers

To effectively increase penis size, you need a device that actually increases the amount of tissue in the penis. And it just so happens I know of exactly such a product.

Penis extenders are designed to augment your penis size by increasing the cells in your erectile tissue. This tissue is called the corpora cavernosa 4. These are devices that are designed to increase blood volume to the penis.

As the device applies traction to this area, the cells break free from the walls and begin to multiply. These new cells increase the volume of blood the penis can hold during an erection, thus increasing the size and making stretchers No1 penis enlargement method. This also enables you to reach firmer erections.

As an added bonus, these changes in the penis also help to prevent premature ejaculation and correct curvatures in the penis by up to 20 percent.

A penis stretcher will:

  • Increase the length
  • Increase the penis girth
  • Decrease embarrassing premature ejaculation
  • Improve the erect curvature

The Perfect Device

The benefits of a penis extender are not theoretical. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the device.

In one clinical study of 18 men, the participants gained an average increase in erection size of 2.8 cm and an average increase of flaccid size of 1.9 cm. These results were maintained after the conclusion of the study.

However, not all penis extenders are created equally. There are particular factors to look for in a device that will actually provide real, lasting results.

A reputable and effective penis extender will be made of Medical Type 1 material, such as the devices made by SizeGenetics. This type of material helps to prevent the device from becoming uncomfortable, enabling you to wear it for an adequate amount of time.

Other comfort factors to look for in a penis extender include the amount of adjustability. No two penises are the same, and therefore a penis extender should provide comfort adjustments, such as SizeGenetics that enable you to adjust the device in 58 different ways.

Best Male Enhancement Option in USA

SizeGenetics penis extenders are probably one of the most comfortable devices on the market, with 58 different ways to wear the extender, you’re sure to find a comfortable fit to enable long term wear and big results.

Clinical Studies

SizeGenetics is a clinically tested device

Do not choose a penis extender that does not provide proof of clinical testing on the particular product.

Many devices site display generic studies to prove the effectiveness of their product but have never had their own product tested to know if it measures up. Find a device that provides real, supportive evidence for the effectiveness of that particular penis extender.


This point is just common sense. If the product will work, there is no reason not to support its effectiveness with a money back guarantee. However, even this can be misleading.

You see, a penis extender takes about six months to provide you with the final and lasting results. If the guarantee offered with the device is not of at least this length, what is the likelihood that it is a quality product?

3 Interesting Ways To Increase Penis Size

You Can (And Will) Increase Penis Size!

As you can see, there are multiple options available to you if you feel an increase in penis size is going to boost your confidence in the bedroom.

While exercise alone will not provide the increase in penis size you’ve been hoping for, it can provide the stamina you need to make every sexual experience a night-long event you’ll never forget.

Enlargement surgery may provide you results, but it also comes with risks of scars and deformities.

Finally, we come to a quality SizeGenetics penis stretcher that can provide you permanent gains without any health risks.

So, go ahead and give your options a try, steadily increase penis size and you’ll find that your new-found confidence will give you the ability to bring your partner to soaring heights of ecstasy so she’ll be ready and waiting for you every time.

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