Homemade Penis Extenders

Homemade Penis Extenders

Homemade Penis Extenders Do They Work?

In the past, a small penis used to be something to be secretly ashamed of, but not anymore. These days a small penis is something to overcome because men can now do something to rectify the problem. Penis enlargement isn’t exactly a new thing. In one way or another it has been around for centuries, whenever men felt the desire to enlarge their penises.

Today, the difference is that thousands of men resort to natural penis enlargement products, even more so now that modern science has done an excellent job proving and disproving some of the traditional methods, as well as allowing for a more educated approach.


However, there are a few things every man should know before starting penis enlargement. At the top of the list is patience. Naturally, no-one likes to be told to be patient and that the results will show after a few weeks. Motivation is difficult when day after day the only thing you have to show for your efforts is a slightly sore penis.

Still, you should know that your persistence will pay off and results do come in time. Tissue takes time to grow and most people experience growth spurts and plateaus and that patients is the key.

Most beginners start out very impatient and think that having one penis enlargement session a day isn’t enough. However, doing two or three penis enlargement sessions a day is simply overkill and will exhaust the tissues and you won’t see any faster gains.

Penis enlargement is based on intensity and regularity, which is why performing a routine more than once a day isn’t effective as performing it once, but at a high level of intensity. Much like muscles need time to heal after a gym session, tissues in the penis need time to recover and grow. Overtraining is not recommended.


Homemade Penis ExtendersAnother problem that beginners are quick to spot and veterans know very well is that pubic hair can get in the way of both penis enlargement exercises and the use of traction extender devices. There’s always the fear of ripping out hairs by mistake and causing pain.

The best thing to do is use hair clippers and clips the pubic hair short or if you prefer shave it off altogether. No need to struggle through a session because of the hair. Shaving is a bit of a drastic decision, but it can quickly be grown back.

Hair is not the biggest problem of them all. No man has full control over his penis and, therefore, no man can set it to achieve partial erections when wanted.

Often, men find themselves fully erect and unable to perform exercises that only require a partial erection. The best way to deal with this is to think about something that isn’t sexual and wait for the erection to subside a bit and carry on with the exercises.


Another important thing to remember is not to measure your penis too often. Frequent measuring probably won’t show any big gains and can lower the motivation of a man engaged in natural penis enlargement. Always remember to act sensibly, rushing won’t speed up gains and can undo weeks of effort. Achieving your goal is more important than achieving it quickly.

Penis stretchers or penis extenders are in high demand at the moment. They’ve become so popular that some men have tried to make their homemade penis extenders. As many men pointed out, the easiest way isn’t always the safest. Because the easiest thing I can think of is to tie a piece of string around the head of your penis and attach it to your leg or put weights on the end, but that isn’t safe. Probably the easiest options I can think of is to stick your penis in a vacuum clear for a few hours a day. Not exactly safe though.

Are Homemade Penis Extenders SafeHomemade penis extenders aren’t a safe or effective option when it comes to enlarging your penis. It’s very hard to achieve smooth finished surfaces like you get with professionally made extenders. When making a penis extender at home it’s impossible to get the device perfectly balanced.

What would happen if it was too tight or pulled to the left more than the right? You could easily damage your penis or make it bend to one side.

There’s no doubt that homemade penis extenders are easy to build and won’t cost much to make.

You can find loads of information online about homemade penis extenders if you read the forums. There’s endless information on other homemade penis enlargement solutions.

But, there’s no information from the same people on what happens when you end up hurting yourself and you have to go to the emergency room.

Common Injuries Caused By Homemade Penis Extenders

Cuts and bruises. This usually occurs because they can’t find materials with smooth enough surfaces needed to protect the thin sensitive skin that covers the penis. Small cuts and bruises don’t usually leave permanent marks on your skin, but they can be very painful and put our penis out of action for a few weeks – that means no sex or masturbation. If you get cuts and bruises then stop what you’re doing and don’t do it again. Give your penis time to heal and look into a safer method.

Nerve damage and blood vessel damage. This can happen when you constrict the flow of blood for a period of time or when you put too much pressure on blood vessels or nerves. If you experience any loss in feeling in your penis or if your penis turns to a blue or black color then go to the emergency room immediately. This is very serious and must be seen to right away.

We believe that if you want to get good results and do it without injuring yourself you should buy a penis extender that carries the European CE safety stamp, one that has passed safety and quality checks before being allowed on the market. Your penis is precious and you only have one so there’s no sense in risking injury with unsafe homemade penis extenders devices.

SizeGenetics professional penis extender

You wouldn’t make your own braces for your teeth or make a cast for a broken arm, so why try homemade penis extenders? Don’t risk injury and waste time!

How long until I see gains with SizeGenetics?

After the first week of using SizeGenetics, most users are looking for signs of growth. Even though all the men who start penis enlargement know that it will be weeks before they see any gains, there is still hope that somehow after a week or so growth will show. This impression is fuelled by the fact that the penis starts to hang thicker and longer than usual in the first few weeks because the blood flow is increased.

Nevertheless, each man will grow differently and it’s his own genetic makeup that will determine when and how his gains start to show. Some men are quick growers. They will see gains early on, which turn into slower growth over the following months. Where as some men don’t see any growth for 2 – 4 months but will add more inches to their penis in time. Penis enlargement is inherently a process that takes a lot of time because the tissues do not expand after a few days.

Another natural thing that some men complain about is that gains are not steady and fixed at a certain monthly amount. The growth gained each month varies; some users report small variations from month to month, while others complain of huge variations over the same time period. Unfortunately this is not something we or the user can control. The only thing that users can do is stick to their program and maybe changes it around every so often.

Every slow period has its counterpart and time spent without seeing gains will be compensated by growth spurts later on. Most users of SizeGenetics have experienced this at some point in their program and know that is all about how your body reacts. Nobody knows why the tissues grow more at certain times or not at all sometimes.

A lot of SizeGenetics users run into plateaus after being on the program for a number of months. This is completely normal and happens to many men. Plateaus are one of the most challenging times for a man undergoing a penis enlargement program because it affects his will to carry on, which is important for every long term commitment. The only way to overcome prolonged slow periods is to simply take a break and change your penis extender routine. Replace basic exercises with advanced exercises.

Penis Extender Before And After

The bottom line is that penis enlargement takes a large amount of effort, dedication and willpower and that men who wish to succeed should be prepared to go the whole distance. My advice is that men should not despair when gains are a bit slower in coming than they expected because, as much as we’d wish it weren’t so, gains are still up to Mother Nature. The best thing a man can do is to stick to the program, allow for plenty of time for healing, avoid injuries, pay attention to exercises and advance to more difficult exercises in time. This is the path to success.

We advise not to worry when gains aren’t coming as fast as they were before. Stick to your program and push through the slow periods. Use your SizeGenetics program correctly to avoid injuries. Train safe, stick to a professional program and you’ll reach your goals.

Penis extenders work and many men all over the world are experiencing the benefits of using an extender. If you want that same feeling of self-confidence and power, stay away from homemade penis extenders, instead buy a quality device and use it correctly.

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