Penis Enlargement- A Marathon Not A Sprint

Penis Enlargement- A Marathon Not A Sprint

In today’s world, it sometimes seems that everyone is obsessed with instant gratification. Everybody not only wants everything, they want it NOW.

People seem to have forgotten the old adage that everything comes to those who wait.

No-one remembers that you have to have patience, and give things time to come to fruition. This is especially true when it comes to anything medical or related to healthcare.

The body cannot respond instantly to demands, and it takes time to heal, or adapt to new pressures and demands.

The body can adapt to most external demands that are placed on it, but you must give it time to change, there are no miracles that can make you a different man overnight.

Although the idea of cells that we can get to grow as fast as we need them is becoming less a science fiction story and closer to reality, the human body is as yet unable to meet this challenge.

One day, we may be able to make tissues grow at will, and cause organs to regenerate in minutes, but that day is still a long way in the future. Because the body cannot react this quickly, penis enlargement is still a long process. It doesn’t matter which method or technique you are using, it is going to be a long process.

Penis Enlargement A Marathon Not A Sprint

It is going to take weeks, or months of hard work and commitment to see even the first results, and help you to see that penis enlargement is possible. This is a slow process, as you are forcing the body to grow, and you must realize that it will be a lengthy journey.

The best thing that you can have on your side during your enlargement program is patience, particularly as it is not a race or competition. Give yourself all the time that you need to get the results that you are aiming for.

Most men that fail do so because they do not have the staying power to see the program through. They will try to take short cuts to results, hamper their progress, and become disillusioned and stop.

Rushing things and trying to take a short cut will often be a big mistake. You need a good understanding of the basics before you begin to rush into the advanced programs. Not understanding what you are doing, and how it works can lead to injury, and this is almost guaranteed to lose you time in the long run.

If you do rush it, and injure your penis, this will make your results a lot slower, as you have to stop the program to heal fully before you can get back even to where you started. Not only that, but you may have to abstain from sex for a while until you are recovered ( and come up with good reasons too!)

Even if you are steady and keep to the program as advised, you will need to take rest days from your chosen penis enlargement method.

Rest days are very important, as your body cannot repair your penis, and enlarge the cells if you do not allow it time to heal. You have to let your penis heal before you go back for the next session.

We all want to see the results we have been promised as quickly as possible, but rushing in and overworking your penis will often have a negative effect. Bodybuilders know that to grow muscles in size you have to allow them time to rest. This is as true for penis enlargement, even though the penis is not a muscle.

The penis extenders programs that are likely to work for you will take this into account, and advise you to take rest days. Usually they will advise a routine such as 3 exercise days followed by 1 rest day, then 2 exercise days and 1 more rest day.

This means that you are allowing your penis time to recover, and what’s more, using this rotation means that your rest days will fall on the same days every week- perfect if Thursday nights are your poker night!

Remember though, penis enlargement is not a race, and if you want an analogy, think of it more as a marathon and not as a sprint. You will get to the finish line not by a mad dash at the beginning, but through dedication, commitment, and stamina. Once you reach the goal you are aiming for, the prize will be well worth the wait.

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