Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

Penis Enlargement Methods – What Works Best?

Penis enlargement is one of those issues that are much talked about but that somehow are never explained properly and that are never covered in their entirety. Here, we would like to give our viewpoint on this matter, trying to explain a few aspects of penis enlargement as a concept. For one, we would like to examine why so many men are interested in these procedures. We would also like to see what makes penis enlargement so controversial and we would also like to mention a few methods and products and try to explain them in brief.

First of all, we would like to take a theoretical look at what it is that drives men towards penis enlargement. The truth is that this is not that difficult to explain and that there are numerous reasons why this is the case.

The first reason is a very animalistic one and it has to do with the competitiveness of men that can easily be transferred to the size of the penis. Whether you want it or not, you are constantly comparing the size of your penis to those of other people, either directly or indirectly. You are constantly figuring out the average size and how you fare and for the most part, we do not fare that well.

Penis Enlargement Methods

This is another reason, the fact that nothing is ever enough when the length and the girth of the penis is in question. We all feel that we could benefit from an inch in length and a few in girth. We all want a penis that would make women gasp and stand in awe. We all feel that we would be bigger men if we had a bigger penis.

We must also not forget the effect that women opinions have. Nowadays, more than ever, women are admitting that they like a big penis and we cannot help but remember this whenever we think about our own piece of equipment. In short, it is no wonder why so many men consider penis enlargement. It is wonder we all aren’t.

The controversial aspect of this issue is perhaps even more pronounced and it has a lot to do with innumerable scams that have surrounded this industry and with numerable claims that turned out to be untruthful. And this is a huge problem because there are penis enlargement methods that work and that men need to be aware of.

In fact, it is the spam-masters and the frauds that have given the industry a bad name, a name that it does not deserve for the best part. This is where we would like to tell you about a few penis enlargement methods that will work and that will show certain results.

Proven Penis Enlargement Methods

We are interested in providing the general public with as much information on penis enlargement methods as possible and today we have decided to tell you something more about the three major methods and how they compare. These are penis stretchers, supplements and surgery. We would like to look at these from various standpoints and give our final opinion.

The first among these is the penis enlargement surgery which was initially meant to be just a treatment for certain ailments and conditions and that ended up being something of a cosmetic surgical procedure, giving men who can afford it an increase in size. There are however, a few downs to the entire idea and these are the price and the risks involved. Furthermore, the results are usually less than dramatic.

Proven Penis Enlargement Methods

Supplements are another story as they are far more affordable and involve no risks, of course, provided that you go for reputable products. While most of these penis pills are meant to enhance your performance, there are those which can also contribute to the size of the penis, especially in the erect position. These pills mostly work by enhancing the flow of blood into the organ, thus making it larger when erect, which is when you want to have it bigger in the first place.

Another method that we would recommend are the penis stretching devices. These are devices whose initial design has been improved on and that have become the most popular way to increase the girth and the length of the male organ. These are also very safe and what is more important, they are exceptionally effective in enlarging the organ.

When we are talking about the price, it is obvious that penis enlargement surgery comes out as a loser here. Namely, this type of surgery is very expensive and you cannot expect to have decent surgery done on your penis for less than a few thousand dollars to say the least. The better surgeons (those that you will want to go for) will charge upwards of $10,000.

Supplements are cheaper but as you continue using them, their price might add up. Penis stretchers are the cheapest option, with the need to buy only one device that will last you a lifetime.

When safety is concerned, the surgery once again comes out to be the worst of the three and it is all thanks to the fact that it is, actually, surgery, no matter how you cut it (excuse the pun). There is cutting involved, there is new tissue being inserted and there is anaesthesia. All of this makes for a troublesome mix of risks.

Male Enhancement SupplementsSupplements and extenders far much better in this respect. Supplements are natural and thus safe while extenders are safe due to their design and the materials used.

Finally, we come to the results that are achieved by these three solutions and we have to say that supplements are not looking that great here. Namely, in majority of cases, their enlarging effects can only be noticed when the penis is erect.

Still, there are those that can result in a permanent increase in size, but for such things to happen, you need to bring the exercises into the mix.

Penis enlargement surgery works like a charm and the only issue is that the effects are not that spectacular.

Finally, penis stretchers bring about the largest increase in size and the most noticeable one. This is yet another thing that makes penis extenders our preferred choice.

Best Penis Enlargement Option

As far as we are concerned, penis stretchers are the best solution for all men looking for natural penis enlargement options that will work and that will be safe. We know our penis enlargement methods and after a lot of debating and mulling, we have decided that these are truly the finest ones on the market and for a number of various reasons.

The first reason why we think that stretchers are the best thing out there for enlargement is that they are perfectly safe. We talk about medical devices of course, homemade penis extenders are completely different story.

Medical devices have been tested over and over again by various health organizations and authorities and every time, they have come up with a single opinion – that penis extenders are safe and that they can be used by pretty much anyone. You simply put on the device and you wear it for as long as you can. There is nothing that you are putting in your body or nothing aggressive that you are doing to your penis.

We also need to say a thing or two about the results that can be achieved with stretchers. These results are far more dramatic than anything you could ever accomplish with some other products of the similar kind. For instance, there is no penis enlargement surgery that can give you more than 30% additional length and more than 20% girth. And these are the results that you can accomplish with penis extenders, and these results are clinically proven.

Another reason why we prefer penis stretchers is that they are simple to use and that you require no procedures or exercises to go along with your regimen. You only need to put on the device and wear it for at least 4 hours every day. Due to modern technology and design, this is very easy to do and you will find yourself using penis extender for much longer.

Finally, there is the price. Whereas you would have to pay thousands of dollars for surgery and whereas you would need to order one bottle of penis enlargement supplements after another, with a penis extender, you are settled with just one purchase. There is a lifetime warranty on any of the brands and you can rest assured that you will be buying just one of these devices which are not that expensive to begin with.

The Sizegenetics extender has been creating a lot of buzz on the Internet thanks to the large number of men who have used the product and gone on to say that it really works. It is true that there are a lot of similar products out there, but several things separate this from the rest, not least being that it has backing from the scientific and medical field.

As many Sizegenetics reviews show, this device is capable of extending your penile length several inches permanently. As a matter of fact, size genetics remains the best and leading enlargement product ever!

🔥 SizeGenetics is a powerful enlargement device certified by top medical practitioners.

🔥 You can easily straighten curvatures with SizeGenetics.

🔥 It is the only permanent enlargement that comes without surgery

This system comes with several accessories apart from the device, such as the 58 Way Comfort Strap (you can use different types of glans attachments and you can upgrade it to Velcro straps, a silicone strap, silicone tube and many others), an instructional DVD, and more.

The Ultimate System comes with a travel case, traction powder, MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling), spare parts, and a 180 day DOUBLE money back guarantee.

Best Penis Enlargement Method

Sizegenetics works directly on your Copora Cavernosa the part of your penile that stores blood when you have an erection. Simply put, the length of your penile is determined by the size of your Copora Cavernosa, and what the extender does is increase its size.

If you’re wondering how this works, it goes something like this: when you wear the extender, you will get a constant traction, and the more you do this, the greater the chances of the Copora Cavernosa cells to split and duplicate, thus increasing the length of your penis.

This is not just theory as extensive scientific studies have shown that is exactly how the penis can be naturally stretched. In the end, you not only get a longer penis but also longer erections. Assuming that extender is properly applied, your dick will respond to its traction technology.

As many reviewers and satisfied customers reported, the length and girth you get from this extender is just as effective as anything you would get from surgically enhancing penile, and in many ways it is much better as it is cheaper and there are no undesirable side effects.

And while the emphasis here is on lengthening your penis, it also provides you with many ways of strapping on the device, and unlike other extenders, it doesn’t choke your dick or make you uncomfortable.

These are just the benefits and advantages you will get by wearing it. This does not even include the satisfaction and self confidence that you will get when you see your penile increase by several inches. The manufacturer also paid a great deal of attention to the materials used for extender.

Unlike cheap extenders that are made of plastic and snap in two easily, this one is built to last. In addition, the extender stays in place once it is attached, unlike other extenders that have a tendency to fall off due to poor design, and most importantly it is easy to put on and take off.

To get the best results you should wear the extender at least four hours a day. However, it is comfortable enough to wear eight hours a day as you won’t feel any discomfort. Because the built in strap is soft, your dick is kept in place without pinching or slippage.

As the men who have used the device say, it applies just a sufficient amount of tension so you don’t have to consistently make adjustments until the time comes when you have to remove it. This is major departure from other extenders that use poorly constructed “nooses” that are either too tight and very uncomfortable or too loose that they slip.

And in case it isn’t clear yet, there is no limit to the length that your dick can achieve as the device works naturally by expanding the tissues on your dick. The traction technology the extender uses is compatible for all men, unlike surgery which only works on about 30% or less.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

While the Sizegenetics benefits are considerable, it has to be emphasized that the device is not without issues. The first is not really a shortcoming but just something you have to bear in mind. That is, when you first wear the extender you will be aware or conscious of it, but that’s normal. It isn’t going to hurt but it might be uncomfortable for the first hour but afterwards it will be like it’s not there at all.

The other thing that has to be stressed here is that while this extender does work, it takes time, as in you need to wait a few weeks to see the effects, and several months before you reach the maximum potential length of your penis.

But the fact that it doesn’t claim to be able to extend your dick in a day or two is an indication that it is genuine, as those bogus penis extenders always say they can extend your penile in a day or two which of course does not happen.

This stretcher is backed up by solid scientific and medical evidence, and testimonials from men all over the world prove that this extender works. And most importantly, it doesn’t produce any unwanted side effects or discomfort. Besides the permanent length extension that your manhood will get, it is also more affordable than other male enhancement products out there.

In short, this is a penis enlargement product that has passed rigorous scientific tests, supported by the testimonies of satisfied customers and affordable too. For these reasons, it is easy to see why Sizegenetics has become one of the biggest selling extenders today.

There are some more penis enlargement methods, but as they are mostly ineffective and too risky, we do now wish to spend too much time talking about these.

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