Don’t Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life!

Don’t Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life!

Help! I Have A Tiny Penis!

Human penis size refers to the length and width of human male genitalia. Some men think about a large penis like a symbol of masculinity and a tiny penis an indication of not being able to fulfill a partner’s sexual needs. Interest in larger penis sizes have led to an industry devoted to penis enlargement. Does your penis size satisfy you?

Penis size depends upon the amount of blood that can fill it during an erection. The skin of the penis will only stretch so far. With each full erection the skin will stretch to its capacity. This will trigger cell growth if nutritional requirements are met.

This is an issue that affects the vast majority of men at some point during their lives. It is not uncommon for men to feel anxious or embarrassed about this issue, especially if they feel that their penis is much smaller than the average one.

However, many men who have a penis size that is above average 1, would still like to gain a bigger penis size. The anxiety about size can lead to self doubt and can seriously damage a man’s self confidence as well as their sexual performance.

I Have A Tiny Penis!


Penis size and erectile difficulties are real, every day concerns for roughly half of all men in our society. Sexual health is a universal concern. While some men simply desire a bigger penis, many of us face serious psychological issues, erectile dysfunction, an inability to control orgasms, and so on. This translates to a lack of confidence in our ability to pleasure our partner, and an inability to enjoy sex ourselves.

It is important not only due to psychological reasons; it’s also a crucial factor for harmonious sexual relationship and successful sexual intercourse.

Penis size and sexual power are the things of crucial importance for many men. Sexually strong men are more self-confident and ambitious; they are less prone to stress and panic attacks, are more initiative at work and succeed in life more easily and more frequently than the men suffering from sexual disorders or having complexes connected with sex.

How Women React To A Small Penis?

Penis size, or our perceived lack of it, often seems to be directly linked to levels of self-esteem, confidence and our perception of masculinity. One study 2 reveals that women are less concerned and rank size fairly low on the list of important physical attributes in a man.

Of course there are reports to the contrary, stating women are unhappy with the size of their partner’s penis. Yet, whenever surveyed, ladies consistently claimed that girth was more important than size. 3

Women Reaction To A Small Penis

This surprising response is seemingly odd as there appears to become no physiological basis for such claims, though a lot more girth may present extra clitoral excitement. Whether this is the case or not, manhood size is definitely more of an issue for men than women.

Penis size shows in your confidence, your sex life, your relationships and your overall well-being. Up to 60% of relationship breakups cited “sexual problems” as a main factor. Regardless of the big difference that satisfaction with your male organ size can make to a guy’s life, many men uncover the problem tough to talk about with their lover or their doctor.

Is Your Penis Small Or Average?

With penis size having great physiological and physiological importance, it is often important to note the average size of the penis.

A number of medical studies have been led with the purpose of establishing this statistics. Length is usually measured while a man is upright with the shaft directing down.

Penis size has 2 parameters: width and length. An average length is from 12 to 15 cm and more (about 5.1-5.9 in) and 3.9 cm in width. The studies have shown that most men have equipment no more than 15 cm long, so don’t believe when all your friends claim they have 25 cm and more.

Don't Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life

This can help the people to know and understand about the penis size and thus they can compare it to their measurements. If the size is “between” 5-7 inch when erect then the piece is considered to be absolutely normal and hence people should not be worried about the size of their penis. A penis 7cm long and shorter is referred to as micropenis.

Some guys have a tiny penis when flaccid that stretches noticeably throughout an erection. Others have a long flaccid measurements that only just increases when organ gets erect. Men with tiny penis when it’s not erected tend to see men from the second group naked in the showers and incorrectly think that they have an abnormally small penis.

Small Dick? Let’s Solve This Problem Together!

Well, the good news is that there are some methods you can adopt that may help you deal with having small penis.

🚩 Compensate with building bigger muscles…

Many men with small penises compensate in other ways like building muscular physique. This will make you feel a little better about not being well endowed. Also having a toned body can certainly attract women 4, not to mention the health benefits.

🚩 Don’t compare yourself to other men

The average penis size is around 5-7 inches fully when it is fully erect. If you have this size, then you don’t have to feel like you are much smaller than other men. Those porn stars you see with are not the one’s you should be comparing yourself to.

🚩 Try to last longer during intercourse…

Its great having a larger penis however if you can’t preform in bed, whats the point? Within minutes… Many men are done and this is something that will turn girls off no matter what your size is. One thing you can do to try to make yourself last longer is “interplay”. Take frequent breaks with foreplay methods. This will not only prolong sex, and satisfy your partner.

🚩 Become better at sex…

One way to feel more confident if you have a small penis is to become better at pleasing your partner. This can be achieved with prolonged foreplay, doing different positions and experimenting with different techniques. Most women love foreplay! If you want to turn her on, then foreplay will certainly be a right step forward.

Even Better – Don’t Stick To Your Tiny Dick!

So there are some ways to deal with a smaller penis but if you want to make your dick biger, then the only way is by natural enlargement.

Natural male enhancement means expanding your penile chambers, speeding blood flow into your penile shaft, and naturally strengthening your muscle.

Increasing penile size is something that almost every man on earth would want to do if it could be done as pain free and naturally as possible. Finding the best solution for increasing your size isn’t easy to do since there are a lot of scams, especially on the Internet.

Natural methods are often disregarded because they have attracted a bad reputation as a direct result of the number of scams that have been out there in recent years. There have undoubtedly been plenty but that is not to say that all natural methods do not work. Several of them work really well.

With many technological advances, doctors now endorse high-quality penis enlargement traction devices as a reliable form of male enhancement. There are high-quality best penis extenders that guarantee to increase the size.

Make Your Tiny Penis Grow BIG!

The Sizegenetics system is one of the best solutions because you not only receive a doctor certified penile enlargement traction device, but help and advice.

Some of the medical conditions that can be treated using SizeGenetics are erectile dysfunction, micropenis, and banana-type erections. The effectiveness of this product to treat these conditions has been scientifically tested and proven.

SizeGenetics system works on the principle of traction force. It softly pushes your penis forward causing cell duplication. The organ stretches over time and keeps it new shape due to the development of new cells and increased blood flow.

Make Your Tiny Penis Grow BIG!Using the SizeGenetics extender is a lot like lifting dumbbells while in the gym. The muscle tissue will endure a bit of the strain but they will grow back to give you more volume.

Users of SizeGenetics extender have reported that they observed impressive results—there is an additional growth of about 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. You will not get such permanent results from any other penis enlargement method.

Living with the reality that you have bigger penis will give you plenty of advantages and fulfillment in your normal, everyday life!

There is a lot more to say about this powerful enlargement system which helps make each and every man’s dream come true when it’s about having a bigger dick.

SizeGenetics was the first of its kind on the market and is the only extender that can provide men with the increased size and girth they need to completely satisfy a woman.

Independent experts from all around the world have confirmed that the SizeGenetics system will give you huge results in as little as 6 months. Many men who use the device will get at least 3 inches in length and up to 1 inch in girth added permanently.

Let’s look at the benefits …

🔥 You will have larger and firmer erections.
🔥 The length and the girth will be increased.
🔥 Your flaccid penis will be bigger and appear fuller. (no more hiding in the showers)
🔥 Size improvements will be permanent.
🔥 With the added confidence, your erections will last longer meaning you will be able to have sex for longer
🔥 You can straighten most cosmetic penile curves.
🔥 Your sex drive and stamina will be increased.

The SizeGenetics 58 Way Comfort Mechanism

The SizeGenetics 58 way comfort mechanism is based on many, many years of research. SizeGenetics technicians have delivered us a advanced system that is appropriate for almost all men.

This system is exclusive in that it could potentially be worn in 58 different ways. By allowing this flexibility to the system, it will make it much more achievable to get the best one that suits every person’s requirements.

The SizeGenetics 58 way comfort mechanism is designed to be easy to use and discreet. One could wear it while watching TV or making dinner without having to worry if anyone can see it or not.

Remember, all guys are unique and have various requirements so its sound judgment that an extender needs to meet all those different guys demands. The SizeGenetics 58 Way Ultimate Comfort system is arguably the most comfortable device on the market!

Don’t Stick To Your Tiny Dick!

Just a quick reminder, SizeGenetics is a CE approved health product. Doctors universally are in agreement over Size Genetics, and agree that the cell division allows the penis to expand and therefore your tissues expand allowing an increase in blood to flow. Scientifically, this results in a bigger penis.

In fact, SizeGenetics is the only proven method that is clinically certified and globally recognized.

Professional medical experts have recently carried out an extensive study which explored the question; do penis extenders really work?

To assess the potential of extenders, The University of Turin hosted a clinical study to see if one commonly used penile extender could assist individuals who complain about their ‘tiny penis’ condition.

16 patients completed the study. This was felt to be enough to judge the effectiveness of the extender.

Before starting the study, all the patients would have their penis measured in both a flaccid and stretched state. Then when using the extender, the patients were told to use the device for at least 4-6 hours a day for a 6 month period.

Time for the RESULTS! Did they successfully manage to extend their penises?

The great news is YES! The results were measured after 6 months. Out of all the 16 patients, the average increase was 2.3 cm for a flaccid penis, and 1.7cm when it was erected.

That’s right. The trial was a BIG, BIG SUCCESS!

In addition to this, the study clearly showed that 6 months after the patients stopped using the device, they DID NOT lose any of the size they had gained!

When enlarging the penis you can’t afford to choose the incorrect technique. You just have one penis so the dangers which are connected with the likes of low-cost devices, surgery, pumps and weight hanging make these strategies a no-go spot for lots of men.

Sizegenetics guarantees what it claims and the multitude of men who have confirmed good benefits really are a statement for its effectiveness. If you are considering male enhancement you should trust the years of research and the medical evidence and go the Sizegenetics way.

Tiny Dick No More!

If you are really serious about making a big difference in your life, don’t wait another second to change your imperfections and turn them into lifelong confidence. With SizeGenetics, all of this and more can happen to you.

Your penis is really important so you shouldn’t risk its overall health with untried, less than reputable products, solutions or companies.

SizeGenetics is so confident it can safely give you results; it offers a 6-month DOUBLE money back guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the final results, you will get a double refund. The SizeGenetics is incredible high quality and very successful and that’s the reason they provide this unrivaled money-back guarantee.

If you want to enlarge your penis and improve your sex life, then going the natural route may be the way forward. It is all about choosing the right solution to increase your tiny penis and enjoy in better and happy sexual life.

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